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What do you think of when somebody mentions electric cars?

Well, say hello to this totally normal-looking electric car: the Tesla Model S P90D!

The car’s appearance is seriously deceptive. It may look like a standard saloon car but this machine is far from it! I hadn’t researched anything about Tesla and so I didn’t expect anything special when I was offered a test drive in the top-spec Model S. Well… my dad was… they wouldn’t allow anyone under 25 to drive the car so I settled for passenger.

It didn’t take long to realise what a special car this was. I was well and truly blown away! We silently creeped out of the car park in the deadly silent car, popped it into “ludicrous” mode with a single press on the car’s 17-inch touchscreen and accelerated down the road. We didn’t just accelerate… We accelerated from 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds!! I thought I would have to claim for whiplash!

Let’s put that speed into perspective (0-60mph times):
2.9 seconds – McLaren 12C
2.7 seconds - Nissan GT-R
2.5 seconds - Bugatti Veyron/Veyron Super Sport

Conclusion: The Tesla Model S P90D is fast! It’s the fastest-accelerating four-door car ever made and… I want one! Not only is the car fast but it has a phenomenal 316 mile range and can be recharged in just 30 minutes at a Tesla Supercharger.

Everyone in the car is left smiling from ear to ear. Not only is the car fast but it’s comfortable too, with varying suspension settings which can be easily changed at a press of the touchscreen (of course I recommend “low”!)

Fancy a nap while driving? Not a problem. Armed with autopilot, lane-control and auto-steer you can literally relax while driving. Sleeping while driving is still highly dangerous so don’t do it but the Tesla certainly makes driving a lot easier… unless you’re a control freak like me. In that case, it’s pretty terrifying allowing the car to drive and stop itself!

Tesla is renowned for being quirky, borderline geeky, and the car’s Bio-Weapon Defense Mode reflects this aspect of the company. If you suffer with germaphobia, you will love this. It filtrates 99.7% of bacteria from the cabin air. Perfect for a zombie apocalypse! In all seriousness though, hayfever sufferers will appreciate this mode.

I feel like a traitor saying this but… I really like Tesla and I really want one. How can this be? I’m a total petrol-head and I love a car with no petrol in it? Does this make me an electric-head? Either way, I love it.

Want to drive a Tesla Model S? Contact Matt Elston at Telsa, Knutsford or visit:

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