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University of Bolton engineering student, Georgia Shiels, took on Ireland in her RX150 buggy, taking 4th place on Sunday at Mondello Park.


Shiels' weekend did not begin well, with clutch issues on Saturday resulting in retiring after Q1. However, her improved pace was evident. 
"I was so disappointed to retire on Saturday but it lit the fire in my belly to come back fighting on Sunday. You can either wallow in pity or come back stronger, faster and better," Georgia said.
Georgia did just that as she crossed the line in 4th place on Sunday in spite of contact with another competitor in two heats causing serious damage to her RX150, her gear-stick being pulled off and clutch cable niggles. 
"I'm so thankful my fellow University of Bolton engineering students were there to fix my RX150. They even managed to repair my clutch cable and make it heat-proof to prevent damage. It's brilliant to see their confidence soar as their motorsport knowledge goes from strength to strength," Georgia said.

University of Bolton Students gaining valuable motorsport experience.

Georgia's next event will be at Lydden Hill on the 28th August (Round 6 of the British Rallycross Championship).
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