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The LOCO Energy Drink driver narrowly missed the finals by one place at round two of the British Rallycross Championship on Monday. However, her potential shined through as she finished an impressive 3rdin Q3 with a 6th fastest lap time overall. Georgia fought her way from the back after starting on the outside of the grid and put up a battle against her competitors. The 21 year old mastered overtaking, undertaking and defending - all of which was alien to her just a few months ago.

Georgia: “The team and I are really happy with my progress so far. It’s really positive to see such a huge improvement from round one. I battled for my place which has lit the fire in my belly. I want to win and I’m putting in all of the work to get there. Bring on round three!”

Shiels bounced back after her wheel fell off in Q1 and was sent flying over 200 feet, fortunately just after she crossed the finish line. The engineers quickly repaired the rear corner of the buggy and Georgia was out again for Q2.

Georgia showed a strong and consistent drive all day and put on a brilliant show for the thousands of spectators. It’s clear that Shiels is a real force to be reckoned with.

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